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Welcome to Norfolk Fields Entlebuchers

We are enthusiastic owners and UK registered breeders of the Entlebucher Swiss mountain dog. Based in Norfolk, we are dedicated to the promotion of this wonderful breed in the UK.

The Entlebucher originates in Entlebuch,  Switzerland and is one of the four Sennenhund breeds that come from different regions of the Swiss alps. Like all of the Sennenhund breeds,  they  have a tri-colour coat of black, tan and white.  

The other three Sennenhunds are the Greater Swiss Mountain, the Bernese and the Appenzeller. The Entlebucher is the smallest of this group, a compact and powerful medium sized dog.  As work dogs, they have been used traditionally in farming to herd animals and pull carts, also as guard dogs, making use of their bravery and deep, impressive bark.  

They are naturally energetic and enjoy all kinds of work activity as well as being very playful. They are intelligent and easily trained. They enjoy being part of a family and will form a strong bond with their primary carer.