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About the Entlebucher Breed


They are very loyal and affectionate dogs, they have a strong social attachment to their owner and family. Playful and full of energy, they are very eager to learn games and tricks of all sorts, making use of their natural stamina and agility. Entlebuchers are intelligent and very alert, they follow and listen to their owners very carefully.

Work Activities

Used traditionally as cattle herding dogs in the swiss alps, they are enthusiastic workers. They have also been used to pull carts, making use of their powerful physique. Brave and not easily bribed, they make excellent guard dogs. Their bark is loud and impressive.


  • Height = 41 - 51cm
  • Weight = 20 - 30kg
  • Type = Working Dog
  • Litter Size = Average is 5 / 6
  • Life Span = 11 - 15 Years


The Entlebucher has tri-colour, short haired coat, which requires minimal grooming. The coat has a natural sheen, giving the dogs a beautiful, shiny appearance.


Because of their great energy and strength, the Entlebucher is happiest when walking or playing, especially in the park or countryside. They aren't suitable for appartment life and require a garden or park where they can run around. They love to play and can keep children amused for hours.

Health Issues

Fortunately, Entlebuchers are naturally robust dogs and do not often suffer from health problems. However, There are some conditions and ailments that all dog owners should be aware of:

  • PRA (Progressive Renal Atrophy) - This genetic hereditary disease leads to blindness in affected dogs, usually within 1 to 5 years. Thanks to genetic testing, it is possible to eliminate this disease in a litter by good breeding practises. Specifically, the dam and sire should be a type A mating with type B or two Type A's.

    The types are:
    • Type A - Clear: The Dog has no PRA Gene.
    • Type B - Carrier: The Dog has one PRA Gene, but will never get PRA.
    • Type C - Affected: The Dog has two PRA Genes, and will develop PRA.
  • Glaucoma - Another eye condition, this is rare in Entlebuchers. Symptoms include redness, cloudiness of the eye and vision impairment. It can be treated, if caught early.
  • Hip Dysplasia - This condition affects the hip joint. The femur does not form a comfortable fit in the hip socket, leading to pain and lameness in the leg. Dogs can be tested for this from one year old, it can be treated by medication or surgery. Untreated, the condition can limit the movement of the dog and cause it distress.